Apostille Discounts

If you need more than 1 apostille or service at once, please get in touch with your requirements.

Discounts can be offered when ordering more than 1 apostille or service at once.

If you need to order apostilles on a regular basis, get in touch.

Discounts can be offered to regular users.

Please see below for further information.

If you need a white-label apostille solution, please get in touch.

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Discounts are available when ordering multiple apostilles on the Standard and Express orders.


Discounts are not available on the Budget service.


includes fcdo fee of £30

2 = £59

3 = £55

4 = £54

5 = £53


 5-7 DAYS 


includes fcdo fee of £30


solicitor certification

2 = £67

3 = £63

4 = £62

5 = £61

If you're ordering an apostilles for the Basic and Enhanced Service at the same time, you will pay the discounted price for each document, so for 3 documents, you would be paying £55 for each Basic and £63 for each Enhanced.

Plus shipping.


includes fcdo fee of £75

+ cycle courier


includes fcdo fee of £75


solicitor certification


cycle courier




2 = £150

3 = £140

4 = £135

5 = £130


2 = £165

3 = £160

4 = £155

5 = £150

Processing multiple documents on the Express Service will always be charged on a bespoke basis. Price per apostille comes down considerably when ordering multiples on this service. The prices above are illustrative only - you may even end up paying less

Plus shipping.

business rates apostilles

negotiable based on volume


Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates, etc.

Documents requiring no processing prior to application for apostille




Degree Certificates, DBS, etc.

Documents requiring a UK registered/practicing solicitor certification prior to apostille




Companies House, Degree & Transcripts

Documents requiring collation and solicitor certification prior to apostille



plus access to dedicated email support


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The Apostilles Group WhatsApp
The Apostilles Group WhatsApp
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