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3 Ways Legalising Documents Can Encounter Issues...

1. Getting your document to us

It's entirely possible for documents to get lost in the post, it happens all the time. In 2019-20 Royal Mail dealt with nearly 10 BILLION separate items defined as Letters/Large Letters. Not all of them used the same service of course but 1st Class offered a 92.6% delivery rate for day-after-collection deliveries, 2nd Class offered a 98.7% delivery rate for delivery within 3 days of collection and Special Delivery offered a 98.6% delivery rate on a guaranteed next day delivery service.

Not all of the post that didn't arrive in those timescales were lost though, most of them were delivered the following day or a little bit later.

Royal Mail's compensation scheme recorded a drop in claims compared to 2018-19 across 10 categories BUT the loss category did rise 9.1%.