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ACRO Police Certificate & Legalisation

Updated: Jan 22

The Apostilles Group can take care of all your ACRO Police Certificate needs, from ordering the Certificate on your behalf, having it legalised in a myriad of different combinations, to shipping it anywhere in the world. All in a matter of days where necessary.

We have a proven and trusted process for ordering the Certificates for you, so long as you follow the simple guidance we have created, in conjunction with the ACRO website, you can have a brand new Certificate issued and delivered to us in just 4 days - they've even been known to arrive in 2 days. Unfortunately, since ACRO suffered a cyber attack in late March 2023, their service level has dropped to "at least 20 working days".

Example ACRO Certificate

Here is a brief summary of requirements:

  1. Proof of current address

  2. Recent Passport style colour photograph

  3. Colour copy of your Passport

  4. Valid email address

  5. Address history

  6. Details for someone who will endorse you

  7. UK National Insurance & Driving Licence numbers (if applicable)

  8. Authorisation letter, allowing us to carry out this for you


You can find out more by downloading our Guidance and Order Form here:

ACRO The Apostilles Group Order Form Fillable
Download PDF • 661KB

A great part of us doing this on your behalf, is that we can take care of everything by email, WhatsApp or WeChat. So long as you can take a picture of the documents necessary, even the passport photo, we can process an application on the same day they are supplied to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Our prices of £125 (12 day service) or £200 (4 day service) includes the ACRO fees of £64 and £104 respectively (including their charge of £9 for Royal Mail Special Delivery to us).


Once this has been taken care of, we can apply for a UK apostille certificate on your behalf too. This can be done using our Budget, Standard or Express Basic Service. Prices and timescale as follows:

BASIC Service

  • Standard - £70 - up to 12 working days

  • Express - £190 - same/next day as receipt of ACRO Certificate


Occasionally, ACRO Police Certificates will need further attestation at Embassies of countries who aren't signed up to the necessary legislation laid out in the Hague Convention and China, who despite being a member, insist on their own procedure being followed at the same time.

The Apostilles Group can also take care of any translation requests you need too, with access to translation services for more than 130 languages, we're sure to have you covered.


If you need any help or have any questions at all about ACRO Certificate Legalisation, please get in touch as soon as possible.

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