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Can The Apostilles Group authorise documents?

Updated: Jan 22

We can arrange to have documents authorised using our preferred partners but we can not authorise documents ourselves.

The Apostilles Group is a service aggregator. We exist in order that you can come to one company and have all your legalisation, attestation, translation and verification requests completed and shipped to you in a single transaction. To this end, we liaise with Solicitors to have some documents authorised on your behalf but there are some documents which require the presence of the individual in order that they can be authorised. In these cases, we will normally arrange a meeting with our preferred partner solicitor, David Wilde @ Chilcotts Law or if you are not local to us, we would point you in the direction of the Law Society website where you can search for a solicitor local to you.

The price for this service is typically included in your apostille cost, so either £65 (2/4 weeks), £75 (5/7 days) or £210 (same/next day). Some solicitors haven't even heard of legalisation - not very many - but definitely some. Any solicitor you find can charge whatever they like for the service and may not be as competitive on providing legalisation support and apostilles as The Apostilles Group.

Stock photo of couple signing documents in front of lawyer
Can The Apostilles Group authorise documents?

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