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Qatari Degree and educational document Attestation

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

So, the Qatari Embassy Degree Attestation Service. Specific to Degrees and qualifications higher than them (PhD, etc.), this is a service that is unique in the Embassy Attestation field.

The requirements for attestation are far higher than any other Embassy and must be followed correctly. Luckily, here at The Apostilles Group, we've been doing this for a while and can take care of all of this for you.

There are 3 requirements to fulfill in addition to the actual Certificate awarded being attested in the first instance.

1. Covering letter

Higher Education and Further Education certificates submitted for Qatari Embassy Attestation must be supported by a covering letter issued by the educational provider confirming all of this information:

  • Location of study

  • Location of exams

  • Start/end date of study

  • Full-time or part-time

  • Format of study – distance learning (E-learning) or face-to-face (campus study)

Disclaimer - Distance Learning The Qatrari Embassy doesn't recognise any educational certificate or document obtained via distance learning or online learning, with the exception of post-graduate MSC and PhD degree. Therefore, any document presented as such will not be accepted by the Qatari Embassy even if it carries an apostille.

2. Transcript

Higher Education and Further Education certificates presented for Qatari Embassy attestation will be accompanied by a transcript or record of marks, which lists;

  • All modules/subjects studied each year

  • Marks/grades achieved for each module/subject

  • Credit/value and level of each module/subject

The transcript should be stamped or signed by the college or university and be on their official letter-headed paper. If you do not have an academic transcript you will need to contact your previous institution to request one. If this has only been issued by email, that's fine too, it doesn't need to be a paper copy, that can be created here at The Apostilles Group if you send it to us by email.

3. Educational Requirement for Bachelor degree

The Qatar Embassy also requires proof of your UK student residence permit - this does NOT require any legalisation/attestation or apostille.

This can be

  • Copy of the T4 visa which covers the period of study

  • Copy of the UK/EU passport


You'll need to provide the:

  • Certificate

  • Transcript

  • Covering Letter

Each will need to be certified by a solicitor, apostilled and then presented for attestation at the Qatari Embassy.

All educational documents listed above must be individually certified and apostilled by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, or other foreign affairs offices (e.g. Ireland), prior to submitting it for Qatari Embassy Attesation.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Fee

£30 per document submitted

The Qatari Embassy Attesation Fee

£25 per document submitted

As well as the above charges, you will also need to arrange a meeting to have a solicitor to certify your documents, post your documents to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, when they return - go to the Post Office and buy a postal order (the only method of payment the Qatari Embassy are willing to take) for the Qatari Embassy and post your documents to the Qatari Embassy (with return postage included).

The good news is, we can take care of all of this for you for £399. That includes;

  • 3 x Solicitor certifications by a UK registered/practicing solicitor

  • 3 x UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office apostilles

  • 3 x Qatari Embassy Attestations (including postal orders!)

  • Secure carriage to and from all of the establishments mentioned

  • Shipping by either Royal Mail Special Delivery (UK) or Express Courier (Qatar)

The entire service should take about 3 weeks (as of July 2020).

This service can also be tagged on to our Express Service (when available) but unfortunately, the Qatari Embassy do not offer any express or premium service themselves. So we can take care of all of your UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office apostilles in one day but the Qatari Embassy procedure will still take about a week.

Other Educational Documents that can be attested at the Qatari Embassy include:

  • College Certificates and Diplomas

  • Further Education including A-Level, BTECH, NVQ, HNC, HND, Level 1-3

  • Secondary Education including GCSEs

  • Primary School Certificate – per child (please note, primary school certificate is only relevant to parents or guardians with primary school children)

Any of these can be arranged for you for £140 per document, to include;

  • Solicitor certification by a UK registered/practicing solicitor

  • UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office apostille

  • Qatari Embassy Attestations (including postal orders!)

  • Secure carriage to and from all of the establishments mentioned

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