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Have a Power of Attorney legalised by The Apostilles Group for £70.

Includes FCO fee of £30

Your Power of Attorney will be presented for apostille as soon as it arrives with The Apostilles Group

Your document will be transported using Royal Mail's Special Delivery service to the FCO Legalisation Office and using the FCO's preferred carrier, DX to return to us

Power of Attorney Apostille + Options

Power of Attorney Apostille + Options

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The Hague Convention only applies to 83 countries, we've selected a most popular 6 to chose from but if you need a different country we will be able to carry this out for you

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A Lasting Power of Attorney must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian and costs £82.

There are typically 2 types of Power of Attorney in the UK.

Lasting Power of Attorney

often used for handing over full control of financial and health related decisions.

General Power of Attorney

used in a more specific sense for certain situations such as selling a property abroad.

If you need a solicitor to witness your Power of Attorney, can find a solicitor near you, to help you out at The Law Society website.

If a solicitor has witnessed the Power of Attorney, and done so according to the standard laid out in the next column, the price will be just £60

When the solicitor or notary public signs the document, they must:

  • have a valid practising certificate

  • sign the document in the UK

  • state the action they have taken eg witnessed, certified a copy, confirmed as original

  • use their personal signature, not a company signature

  • include the date of certification

  • include their name and company address


Allowing a relative or trusted person to handle specific aspects of your finances or health at home or abroad.

To allow someone to carry out a specific transaction on your behalf at home or abroad.

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