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Apostille an ACRO Certificate

If you already have an ACRO Certificate, you can send it to us, at our Tavistock offices, for apostille processing. All ACRO Certificates will have an official, FCDO-issued, apostille certificate attached in the quoted timescale.

How soon do you need your ACRO Certificate apostilled?

National Police Chiefs Council ACRO Criminal Records Office Check

STANDARD > At least 20 Working Days

Order a new ACRO and The Apostilles Group will receive it within around 20 to 22 working days - £125 (Includes ACRO fee of £65)

EXPRESS > 3 - 4 Working Days

or around 3 to 4 working days - £225 (Includes ACRO fee of £115)

What is an ACRO Certificate?

An ACRO Certificate is a document produced by ACRO (Association of Chief Police Officers, Criminal Records Office) who make use of the PNC (Police National Computer) to make an account of your history of involvement with the Police and judiciary services whilst in the UK.

Have an ACRO Certificate legalised with a UK apostille certificate by The Apostilles Group from just £95
Includes FCDO fee of £45

Your document will be transported using Royal Mail's Guaranteed Special Delivery service to the FCDO Legalisation Office and using the FCDO's preferred carrier, DX to return to us

Who can get an ACRO Certificate?

Anyone can apply for an ACRO Certificate, even if you've never been to the UK, you can apply for a certificate which will state you have never been in trouble with the Police in the UK.

ACRO Police Certificate Apostille UK

What do I need to get an ACRO Certificate?

There's a definitive list of FAQs on the ACRO website here, but in short, you will need;
10 year address history, a passport photo, a copy of your passport, proof of current address, someone to confirm that they know you (not family).

Read more on our Blog post

Apostille Pricing - Basic Feb 2024

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The Hague Convention only applies to 83 countries, we've selected the most popular to chose from but if you need a different country we will be able to carry this out for you. Find out more here.

Your apostilled ACRO Certificate can be translated, DIGITALLY (if you need a hard copy, please let us know), into any of 130 languages from £80

Things to remember

An ACRO is different to a DBS Certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service) and if you apply in Scotland, you will receive a Disclosure Scotland Certificate. These documents have different requirements and are dealt with on their own pages.

Only the original ACRO document can be apostilled. No photocopies will be accepted, even if they have been certified by a UK Registered/Practicing Solicitor.


  • New employer requests proof of your criminal record

  • Visa Requirements

Order an ACRO Certificate
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