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Have a Deed Poll/Change of Name legalised by The Apostilles Group for £60, when already certified by a UK Registered/Practicing Solicitor.

Includes FCO fee of £30

Your Deed Poll/Change of Name will be presented for apostille as soon as it arrives with The Apostilles Group

Your document will be transported using Royal Mail's Special Delivery service to the FCO Legalisation Office and using the FCO's preferred carrier, DX to return to us

Certified Deed Poll Apostille + Options

Certified Deed Poll Apostille + Options

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The Hague Convention only applies to 83 countries, we've selected a most popular 6 to chose from but if you need a different country we will be able to carry this out for you

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Your apostilled Deed Poll can be translated in to any of 130 languages from


UK: 0800 9788 966

Worldwide: 0044 1822 600160

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If you need to arrange this document for yourself, you need only contact a local solicitor.

You can find one here.

If you are remarrying abroad, you may also need a Certificate of No Impediment to Marry. You have to contact your last local Register Office in order to get this document. There is no 3rd party application process.

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Proof of change of name abroad

Proof of divorce abroad

Remarriage abroad

Ownership disputes abroad

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